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The DC/SLA Awards Committee is charged with recognizing outstanding contributions from active members of the chapter. This comes in the form of nomination packages for DC/SLA and SLA awards.  Specifically, the committee creates nomination packages of chapter members for any of the SLA awards and honors and nominates members for three DC/SLA awards:

The Member of the Year Award is given to a chapter member in recognition of outstanding contributions to the chapter, public service activities, assistance in professional development promotion of special librarianship or publication of a professional paper.

The Board of Directors Award is given to an individual or group who may or may not be a member of the D.C. Chapter in recognition of special achievement or contribution to the field of special librarianship. Both the member of the Year and the Board of Directors awards are presented at the annual banquet and business meeting.

The Annual Conference Stipend Award is given to a chapter member, including student members, who have exhibited future leadership potential in SLA and the profession, have made volunteer contributions to SLA and the DC/SLA Chapter, and demonstrates a financial need. Preference is given to newer members who have already begun to take on a leadership role.

The Student Scholarships Committee administers the final chapter award:

The Catherine A. Jones Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by IOP Publishing was created in March, 1988. Named for Catherine Jones, a SLA and chapter leader who died suddenly at the 1996 SLA Winter Meeting, the fund transitioned from a student loan fund to a scholarship award for students actively pursuing an MLS. Cathy Jones was honored in this way for her service to the chapter, to SLA as a member of the Board as treasurer, and Chair of the Professional Development Committee and for her mentoring of students, particularly those she taught in her Reference Class at Catholic University from 1983 until her death. Cathy received many award during her career including Fellow of SLA and member of the SLA Hall of Fame.  Awards are given by the Students/Young Professionals Committee to a local student attending library school (physical or virtual).

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