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Board of Directors

2018 Executive Board of Directors


Elected by its members, the Board of Directors determines the policies and actions of the DC Chapter of SLA.

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Jesse Lambertson

The Chapter President administers the Chapter through the Executive and Advisory Board and Committee members, and exercises overall leadership in the development of policies and programs to carry out the work of the Chapter. The President organizes and presides over Chapter meetings, and is liaison to the Association. The President’s term is the middle year of a three-year commitment: the first year is as President-Elect and the third as Immediate Past President.


Brittany Ham

The President-Elect assists the President and assumes the duties and obligations of the President in the event of absence or withdrawal by the President. The major responsibility of the President-Elect is membership promotion, outreach, and management of records. This is a three-year commitment, with the second year as President and third year as Past President.

Immediate Past President

Blane Dessy

The office of Immediate Past President is the final year of a three year commitment to the Chapter Offices of President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President is available for consultation concerning the management of Chapter business and carries out special projects and assignments as designated by the Chapter President or recommended by the Executive Board. The Immediate Past President also acts as Chair of the Nominations Committee.


Layla Heimlich

The Chapter Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records and carrying out all financial transactions for the Chapter. The Treasurer makes deposits, pays bills, balances bank statements, prepares monthly reports for Board meetings, and prepares the Chapter’s annual budget and the twice-yearly financial statements sent to SLA. He/she ensures that the Chapter financial records are audited every January by the Chapter Auditor. The Treasurer serves the first year as Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect and as Treasurer in the last two years.

Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect

Dan Odenwald

The Treasurer-Elect assists the Treasurer and assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer in the event of the Treasurer’s absence. The Assistant Treasurer is elected to a one-year term, succeeding in the following year to the office of Chapter Treasurer for two years.

Recording Secretary

Karen White

The Recording Secretary’s duties are to record and distribute minutes of the Chapter’s Executive Board meetings and the annual business meeting of the Chapter. The minutes are a record of the proceedings and actions taken at each meeting but not a word-by-word transcript of the meeting. The minutes are currently distributed via e-mail to all members of the board and approved or amended by the board at the following meeting. The Recording Secretary serves for one year.

Communications Secretary

David Blum

The Communications Secretary’s duties include: Promoting chapter events on the email discussion list, blog and other media; oversight of Chapter Notes; maintaining a roster of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs; maintaining access to the electronic discussion lists for associations and groups with similar interests so that emails may be sent about relevant programs. The Communication Secretary serves for one year.

Program Director

Konrad Riecke

The Program Director is responsible for overseeing the Program Planning Committee, which plans and implements events throughout the year. The Program Director also coordinates programs offered by other groups and committees within DC/SLA and posts events to the DC/SLA calendar.

Sponsor Relations Director

Jocelyn McNamara

The Sponsor Relations Director creates templates for correspondence: invitations to sponsor a Chapter activity or event, thank you notes and instructions to sponsors. This Director also works with Webmaster to post to Chapter Web page/Wiki and Editor Chapter Notes. Directors’ duties involve responding to immediate needs of the Board and President throughout their tenure in office. Directors serve for two years.

Technology and Innovation Director

Lissa N. Snyders

The Director of Technology and Innovation is responsible for providing strategic vision and guidance to the DC/SLA Board on the implementation and use of existing and new technologies for the benefit of our membership and to support the functions of the Board and Committees.

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