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President’s Message – October 2016 – Volunteers Welcome!

By Beth Maser, DC/SLA President

I cannot believe it is already fall. Time is passing by so quickly. Our Chapter election has been concluded and I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Board Members. The following members will be working hard under the leadership of our incoming President, Blane Dessy:

President-Elect: Jesse Lambertson
Treasurer-Elect: Layla Heimlich (Current board member)
Programming Chair: Helen Keil-Losch
Communications Secretary: David Blum
Recording Secretary: Karen White
Sponsor Relations: Chris Lao-Scott
Technology and Innovation Director: Lissa Snyders

[You may read more about the new board members here]

This year has been one of change for our association. MCI has worked hard to reinvigorate our national organization, but DC has continually stayed vibrant and strong. I am very encouraged by the new names on our Board. Please help them make the chapter the best it can be next year.


New faces and names help strengthen our chapter and encourage new leaders to emerge in DC. You cannot expect to see change if you sit on the sidelines and let these opportunities pass you by. Local leadership opportunities will not only raise your visibility in the chapter and introduce you to your local peers, but these skills will also aid in your professional development outside of SLA. Writing a blog post for the website, planning an event, speaking at a conference, running for an office, or applying for an award. All of these activities assist with building your leadership skills. They not only add to your resume, but can also be considered as additional activities in a performance review, or when applying for new positions.

I realize that for some taking a risk and doing something outside of your comfort zone can be difficult. The one thing about DC/SLA is that it is a community of peers who encourage and support these types of risks. All it takes is one success to get over the fear of taking future risks. What is the worst that can happen? Not enough people show up to your event, or something that you may have proposed does not pass? BIG DEAL!! The fact is that you tried. Your SLA community gave you the opportunity to try and will give you the opportunity to try again and again. Becoming involved at the local level is a springboard to a myriad of different leadership possibilities.

I encourage all of our members and potential new members to join us and volunteer for at least one new activity in 2017.

You can learn about opportunities to get involved by contacting volunteer@dc.sla.org

I believe the best is yet to come for the new SLA and our profession as a whole.

Beth Maser
President, DC/SLA

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